Equivibes Courses


I have many dates available for weekend, day or ½ day courses, please contact me if you would like to attend a course in order to discuss which courses you would like to attend and to arrange a suitable date.


You can also contact me to discuss any private sessions you would like to do.


Here is an example of just some of the topics thatucan be covered on our courses.


Understanding the true nature of the horse

Herd etiquette

Advance and retreat techniques

Sensitising and desensitising the horse

How to 'read' horses

Understanding of how subtle horses can be


What makes a good leader

What can go wrong in the horse-handler relationship if the horse has the leadership role

How to tell who is the leader

How to convince your horse you are a good leader

How to improve your intention so the horse understands you better

Horse handling skills

How subtle can you become?

Motivational skills

How interesting are you to your horse?


We also offer training in the art of lunging and long reining. You can work with your own horse or work with our horses to learn or develop your lunging and or long reining skills further.


My aim is to tailor these courses to your needs and skill level so don't be shy in saying what you want!


There is a maximum 4 people on the natural horsemanship courses and a minimum of 2 (although ½, ¾ and full days can be arranged if there is only one person attending the course). Private sessions are also available. Please contact me for more information.


Evening sessions are also available upon request.


Courses cost £95 per day (based on 3 oovate days attending for the day, please contact me to for prices for private or semi-private days)

A non-refundable deposit of £20 will need to be paid upon booking


Tea and coffee will be provided but please bring your own pack luch .


For the natural horsemanship and lunging clinics plase wear suitable warm and safe clothing, such as sturdy foot wear and gloves. You may also wish to bring a riding hat for protection, although you will not be riding.


The Dressage clinics will be with your own horse. Unfortunatly we can not provide horses for you to ride (only for you to do ground work with).


We also offer a range of computer based courses. These provide training in all aspects of stable management and horse care.


for more information about these courses


What are clients saying about these courses?


"Made me more aware of thinking like a horse"



"Excellent introduction to thinking about interacting with horses in a different, more compatible way!



"Fantastic experience, Sue has such a brilliant understanding of horses which she relates to you in such a friendly, 'understandable' way. Totally brilliant, mind buzzing"



"Felt I have so grown in confidence being around the horses especially around a young one. Never thought I would achieve this in one day!"



"I have recently (May 2014) spend a week (spread over 2 weeks – 2 ½ days each week) In Forres with Sue doing a bespoke training course. Sue tailored the training to fit in BHS level 1 Horse Ownership and also natural horsemanship –parelli style. The plan was that I would sit my BHS exam at the end of the course.

I have to say that the time spend with Sue and her lovely horses, in particular Beanie, was the most amazing time! Sue is an incredible teacher . I lack a lot of confidence but Sue managed to turn this around and found ways to encourage me and pass on her incredible knowledge and skills with patience and creativity. (she definitely required patience with me!)

Sue has a special gift as a teacher. She is not only intuitive and empathic with horses – she is actually the same with people.

I learned a tremendous amount not only about horses ( I did actually pass my exam at the end of the course – which was down to Sue’s creative style of teaching) I learned so much about myself. Sue has transformed my mind set and managed to literally change the way I think about myself which has completely improved the way I handle the horses I now work with.

When I returned from the course, people commented on my increased confidence when handling horses.

Since my return I have continued to improve and I feel now able to explore options around having my own horse. –A dream coming finally true – I have Sue to thank for that!!!"

Claudia Hamelton