I teach all disciplines and I specialise in dressage and believe that flat work forms the basis for all other disciplines. I am also experienced in natural horsemanship training techniques and use these a lot with ground and handling work.


I am based near Forres in Moray, and regularly travel to Fife to teach.


My training ethos revolves around improving communication between the horse and rider. I believe that when things start to go wrong it is normally due to a breakdown in communication. Most (if not all) horses are actually quite willing to co-operate with us, but they can get frustrated when they don't understand what is required of them and this is often when things go sour. My aim is to help owners/riders to gain a deeper understanding of their horse and allow them to solve any issues as they arise through better communication skills with their horse.


When teaching I like to make sure that my pupils not only know what they need to do but why they need to do it. This philosophy gives people the ability to repeat what they have learned in a lesson when working on their own and to continue developing their skills.


I am available to come and teach you on your own horse at your yard or you are welcome to bring your horse to my yard for a lesson. I also offer other services including clipping, schooling, livery, training for BHS exams, stable management instruction and instruction in natural methods of handling.

For more information please feel free to contact me.