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Sue Grice

About me:

I am a UKCC level 3 Dressage Specific coach and British Dressage Accredited Coach.

I started riding at the age of 5 years old and have over 35 years experience teaching and working in the equine industry. In this time I have trained a variety of horses and riders in a wide range of disciplines including dressage, eventing, driving and natural horsemanship.

Over the years I have also competed in a variety of disciplines including dressage, jumping, eventing, side saddle and driving.

I have a passion for coaching riders of all levels no matter how big or small their ambitions. I hold the belief that any horse and rider has the potential to “go further” and I  have a wealth of training tips and techniques that can help the less conventional dressage horse to succeed. I currently have two horses competing at Int 1 level  - a warmblood and a traditional gypsy cob (Frodo). Frodo  has won several accolades in 2019 including triple Scottish champion last year at PSG, Int 1 and Int 1 freestyle.

The reason I love dressage so much is because for me it is all about communication  with the horse under saddle.

I also love working with horses on the ground and I have worked using a variety of natural horsemanship systems,

However my most important and influential teachers have been the horses. I strongly believe that at the end of the day you can put any label you want on the various brands of 'natural horsemanship' but really it is all about 'horse language' and how we can best communicate with the horses. 

I am always open to new ideas, techniques and methods no matter what 'label' they come under.

I really enjoy helping to develop horses and people by enabling them to realise their full potential, no matter what their ambitions might be.


I also offer  services including clipping, schooling, livery, training for BHS exams, stable management instruction and instruction in natural methods of handling.

I am based near Forres in Moray, but also travel regularly to Fife to teach.


"Sue has been our instructor for many years now and has helped us through lots of dramas and problems. Always calm and cheerful and always putting the horses best interest first. Sue has an uncanny knack of spotting the smallest of details and can suggest little changes that can have a huge effect on both horse and rider. Her lessons are always interesting and good fun (even in the pouring rain!) - she has so much experience and knowledge to draw on. Sue is very inventive-using simple, everyday "tools" and ideas, with great results. She is both a wonderful teacher and a very good friend."

Anne and Lyndsey Schaller

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Sue for a number of years now, what started out as instructor / client relationship has developed into one of advisor / business owner.

Sue has deepened my understanding of my horses resulting in improved performances and results. Her method of teaching, both on the horse or on the ground, empowers you as a rider/handler and I really feel I have aquired a tool kit of  skills and techniques that I can adapt and utilise to suit various horses and situations.

Lately Sue has been a source of valued support to me as I  set up my own business involving horses to help rehabilitate traumatised and abused young people. She continues to advise on all things equine as it is this information that our psychotherapists use to help our clients."

Kirsty Adamson

Horse Power Scotland

Sue has completely inspired me in all aspects of horsemanship. Especially dressage. Her natural teaching ability, vision and constructive positive attitude have been life-changing. She has a clear, calm, structured teaching programme which is tailored to each horse no matter what age or breed. She believed in me and my horse and encouraged me to reach for levels I never imagined possible

Flora Mackinnon-Pryde

Really impressed with Sue's empathetic way of training. Her manner is calm and approachable and she is always constructive in her critique of horse and rider. I feel that she gives me the tools to go away and work on improvements in between lessons. As such, I have noticed big improvements in both my horses.

Helen Higham

I'm a complete beginner. Sue has taught me from scratch even to tack up and get on my pony. I have regular lessons with her and can't tell how much I enjoy them. Sue has the patience of a saint she motivates and gives me confidence I've learnt so much since I met her, I wouldn't have anyone else teach me. I've also taken part in a number of 1 day courses which I thoroughly enjoyed , very professional but also very welcoming and friendly. I can't rate Sue high enough

Anne McCracken

I have lessons with Sue regularly and get so much out of each one. She is excellent at assessing horse/rider and explains corrections in a simple and easy to understand manner so it's easy to replicate when on your own.

Arwin Ogilvy

As a teacher, Sue is just amazing. She teaches in such a calm and controlled way, it makes you ride in a calm and controlled way! I leave every lesson I have with her on such a high and she has really helped build my confidence.....if I could have a lesson every day with Sue I would! Can't recommend her enough!

Lyndsey Ward

Lessons with Sue are the highlight of my week! Very patient with me and my rogue ponies - since having your help my confidence has soared :) Would always leave a lesson with lots of homework and both ponies and myself have come on leaps and bounds.

Highly recommend Sue, i can't begin to thank you enough for everything.

Mickaela Mackinnon

Sue has a great knack of making you feel relaxed and positive. She can pinpoint what is needing taught and listens to your needs and your horses too. Her method of teaching is both enlightening and creative fitting very much to you and how you are riding on that day. Cannot recommend her highly enough. Because she rides different types of horses herself I think that makes her a very astute teacher

Eleanor Gauld


"I  met you in Cupar when I was doing the Equine assisted development course with Kirsty and Claire. You visited me then to give me advice with regards to my horse's behaviour.

Each time I was impressed with your calmness, quiet confidence and understanding of equine behaviour.

I thought your approach to horses is impressive and I wish you could sell yourself in a bottle. "

Claudia Hamilton

"Sue has been teaching me for the past two years. Her knowledge, commitment and dedication have not only progressed myself and my mare onto working at a good Elementary Dressage level, but helped me to gain control with our show jumping, and really opened my eyes to the value of groundwork in all aspects of dealing with horses. Can't thank her enough!"

Sara Stevens and Annie!

“Sue has helped me with my 2 very different mares, always encouraging, positive and enthusiastic.  She has a calm and sympathetic approach to training horses and riders ; it is always inspiring to watch her train her own variety horses and follow their progress together.”

Jillian Harcourt